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  • Thursday Thoughts

    It's time for another Thursday Thoughts. I link up through Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. Feel free to check her out and do the same.

    Here's what I'm thinking about today...

    • Social Media. I'm putting together a proposal for a client, and social media plays a big part of any marketing plan these days. I am regularly on Facebook and Instagram. I go through spurts on Pinterest. i post on Twitter, but almost never go there (I post through Instagram or when I'm filling out forms on other sites). I have signed up for but haven't really delved too deeply into Google+ and LinkdIn. In addition, I have a Goodreads profile. Wow. That's a lot. So when I meet someone who doesn't use any of these, I'm a little surprised. What are you involved in? Where do you find the best forums for your writing world? What can't you live without and what can't you be bothered in? I would really like to know.
    • Life has far too few surprises. I have been wanting to see the movie About TIme. I got a little teaser a few weeks ago, and have since seen several ads. Today I suddenly noticed a ton of details I'd never seen before, and now I feel like I've seen too much to enjoy the movie. Reviews of books too often give away things I would rather discover for myself while reading. We get spoilers for what is coming in our subscription boxes and find out the sex of our babies before they come. It seems like these days the only surprises we have are bad ones. I would like to be genuinely, happily surprised at some point in my life. Seriously.
    • Tagging on to the too few surprises, the same is true for books. I really want to find a plot twist that makes my head explode. In the past year - out of the books I have purchased - this has happened once. Now, I read a lot of books, and may be slightly jaded because of it, but I am forever guessing what is going to happen right before it does. And while this amuses my family greatly at movies, it gets sort of annoying while reading. I am longing for my mind blowing plotlines this year. Is it too early to ask Santa?
    • I'm looking forward to going to the Dolphin Research Center out on Marathon Key this weekend. First, it's going to be great to be with friends. Second, I love the DRC. And third, a new baby dolphin was born this weekend and I'm going to get to see it. It must be my luck because last time I was at DRC, about year and a half ago, they'd just had a baby. (and speaking of surprises, the sex of a dolphin baby is not typically confirmed at the time of birth, sometimes taking weeks.)
    And that's about it. What are you thinking?
  • Thursday Thoughts

    It's time for another Thursday Thoughts. I link up through Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. Feel free to check her out and do the same. Here's what I'm thinking about today.

    • Boston won the World Series last night! It was really exciting and I loved seeing how much this team showed their true bond in every interview. Imagine truly going from worst to first in one year. Red Sox rock! My Dad and brother are probably in their glory. Just found out my brother and his family are going to make the drive from Rochester, NY to Boston for the parade this weekend. I do love the excitement sports can bring us even when we aren't playing the game, but feeling like part of the team none the less. 
    • NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. I'm half tempted to give it a go myself with an idea that has been stewing for quite a while, but my work load is actually decent right now and I'm not sure I have the time. And if I were serious about doing this, I really should have done a lot more prep work leading up to November 1. Wow! Don't I sound like I'm full of excuses? Maybe I should take some of my own tips and just write. 50,000 words in 30 days comes out to approximately 7 pages (1,667 words) a day. Just write. Leave notes where things need to be researched further or double checked. All that can happen during the edit that happens in December the key is to write the book. Hmmm. I'm going to have to think about this.
    • I need to make a conscious effort to get out and talk to people more. Working alone, it becomes easy to lose track of time, and to suddenly realize that a day or two has gone by with no travelling outdoors other than to walk the dog. And I really think talking to the fur-baby, who doesn't talk back, probably doesn't truly count as conversation. (I have been talking to Siri a lot. How about that? Can I count that?) Add to this the DH working all day and then going to our future home to do the work needed to get us in there as soon as possible, and you can see how easy it has become for me to become a hermit. Of course this might just help me with my first thought...
    • Today is Halloween and I am officially in a place where no one will ring my bell and ask me for candy. Where we lived in Victor, NY no one ever came by because we lived on a busy street with no other houses around us, but there was always the potential for kids, so I always bought candy, "just in case". :) This year, there's no convincing the DH that I should pick up a bag or two of my favorite goodies. Ugh! Guess I'll have to stake out the after Halloween sales instead and work on convincing hime the prices were just too good to pass up. 

    That's it for me. What are you thinking about today?