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  • Monday Musings

    My head is stuck in a strange place today. In the last thirteen months my life has taken quite a few big twists. Each one has scared the crap out of me and each one has taken me to a better place in my life. Most days I can see that it's all worth it. 

    Today I need to find a way to remind myself that there is good ahead. I don't know if it's a Rainy Day and Monday sort of thing, or just that I am overtired and wondering if the ability to turn the bad into good has been all used up and I am going to have to deal with that moving forward. All I know is that I'm focusing on everything that isn't working for me today and feel like a curtain has been drawn over the light at the end of the tunnel. 

    I know for a fact that this is not a feeling that is unique to me. I know that - especially for people who venture out on their own and put themselves out there - self-doubt is something that must occaisionally be battled. I've worked with enough authors to know that it hits even the best (the stories I could tell about some of your favorite authors deleting whole manuscripts because they think they're crap, or missing deadlines as they struggle to believe that what they have written is worthy to be sent in).

    I'd like to tell you that this is going to be a well written piece on how to overcome these feelings, alas, I am stuck in the midst of it right now and am having trouble believing I will overcome at this precise moment. So instead I will tell you that I'm going to pour myself a glass of wine, I'm going to watch some guilty pleasure reality television and I'm going to bed tonight with my mother's voice in my head, "This too shall pass."

  • Monday Musings

    • I've been a little stressed lately as we are working on what will be our new home and we have had to stay in temporary accomodations a little longer than we had originally planned. But it has helped me to remember that life is as good as bad as we allow it to be. I could waste time being stressed or I could remember what my mother always tells me, "This too shall pass," and focus on what good lies ahead. It's all about the choice.
    • I decided to practice what I preach today so I packed up the laptop and the pup and took a walk to a local coffee shop (much easier getting a seat than last week). I sat there for a little over an hour, never tapped in to their wifi, and was amazed by the amount of work I got done. Besides that, it's nice to remember that afternoons like this were one of the reasons I wanted to move to Miami in the first place.

    • I've been thinking about what I can do to build my business and I keep getting emails from a printer in the area. I'm thinking about getting postcard sized handouts, but I am afraid it is a waste of money. I know I often toss things like that when I'm at conferences. What could I hand out that people would actually keep and, better yet, might help people contact me about working for them. 
    • Every day is a little better with some coffee ice cream. :)

    • Oh well, back to work...
  • Monday Musings

    Monday's seem like the perfect time to get some things off my brain and start the week off right. So it's time to share my musings, and hear what might be on your mind.

    • Maybe I've been watching too many cop shows on tv lately, but I'm thinking that i want one of those giant boards they use to keep track of timeline and suspects and whatnot. Seriously, I think all writers should have one of these in their homes to keep track of everything as they move along in their work.
    • I just paid for the first time to "Boost Post" on my Facebook page ( and according to their stats over 3,000 people saw my post on Friday and Saturday. That's all fine and dandy but let's see if they do any more then jsut look at my post. Will it increase traffic to my website? Am I better off doing a Boost Post, or a general Ad? I have refused to pay for a long time - on principal (or cheapness) - and now I want to see if it really makes a difference.
    • While talking about Facebook, I get so frustrated at the lengths some pages will go to increase their Likes. Call me crazy, but I want you to do more than Like my page. I want you to come to it every day to see what my new tip is that day. I want you to be out with friends and when they're talking about needing help on a project, want you to say, "Hey, I know just the person who can help you. You should check out DRE&MS. I follow them on Facebook." Numbers don't mean anything to me. Results do.
    • I moved down to Miami about a month and a half ago from Rochester, NY. It's been a big change. Never more noticeable than yesterday, when my DH and I went to watch his Buffalo Bills play the Miami Dolphins with our daughters and Eldest Daughters boyfriend. No blankets, or sweatshirts or hot cocoa were packed for this trip. We packed sunscreen and prayed for the clouds to move faster to cover the sun. But the Bills won, so the threat of heatstroke was worth it. Today's sunburn on the other hand...

    • I was genuinely bothered today when I went for a walk with the pup to a coffeehouse I enjoy, ordered my Iced Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte only to find all the outdoor tables filled. All by people without drinks! What is the rule on this? How long can one take up a table without partaking of any of the establishments product. I can nurse a bevarage for well over an hour, but once it's gone, I start feeling bad if the place is busy. Now if it's dead...that's another story all together. 
    • Monday's are goal days, and maybe by sharing I'll feel the pressure to meet them, so here we go. This week I'm going to take out one Facebook ad and start to monitor to see if it actually does anything for my business. This week I will begin my daily blogging again and get back in the swing of it. This week I am going to walk every day. And by that I mean longer than getting the dog outside in the morning to do his business. -- I think that's good for week one. Better to set myself up for success. What are some of your goals?