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  • Five Question Friday

    I have been a long time fan of Inside the Actor's Studio, and my favorite part has always been the questionaire at the end. That is my vision for Five Question Friday. I have come up with a list of five questions, and I will have different guests answer them each week. As a new idea, you might see some tweaking - at least at first - as I try to come up with the right formula. Your input is greatly appreciated.

    This week, new author Judy McDonough will be answering my Five Questions. Judy was published for the first time in 2012 by a small publisher, but her experiences there...well, I should let her explain that to you. Visit her website for her full bio (a fun read in itself, in my opinion). I can tell you that her book, DEADLINE, will be out next week, and you should check it out! 

    For now, she's here to answer my questions...

    1. What are you reading?

    Unfortunately I've not been able to start a new book because I've been slaving away with final revisions of my manuscript, but I love a good ghost story.  I will probably curl up with Heather Graham's latest paranormal creation and lose myself in it once my book is published.

    2. What do you do for relaxation?

    Other than reading, I am a sucker for massages.  I went to massage therapy school and love, love, love it. Those help me relax more than anything else.

    3. What is playing on your iPod?

    My iPod is stocked with upbeat running music (which hasn't been used much since my final revisions started) *whistles and innocently looks away*

    4. What is your current guilty pleasure?

    Coffee with flavored creamer, fudgy brownies, and prime time television. I DVR my favorite shows: NCIS, Bones, Criminal Minds and The Voice, but my biggest guilty pleasure is probably The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo.  I love her!

    5. What do you want to share?

    Besides my book and all the crazy stories buried within me?  Believe in yourself, join a writing group, go to workshops, read a lot, laugh a lot, and keep trucking right along.  The biggest thing I'd like to share though is probably the hardest piece of advice I've had to choke down this past year.  Don't.


    - Quit

    - Be afraid to ask for help

    - Give up on yourself

    - Assume you can't improve

    - Rush yourself

    - Get discouraged

    and (most importantly)

    -     DON'T trust a contract until you have an attorney look it over really well.  No matter how much you think you know the person or how good a friend he or she is.

    I'd also like to let you know that my first book in The Bayou Secrets Saga will be available next week, on November 14th, and the second is in the editing/revision process.  Previously published, Deadline has been under construction for a while now with a new editor, graphic designer, and restructuring, but it's finally ready for it fresh debut. 

    The Bayou Secrets Saga is a paranormal romance series that takes place in the haunted Louisiana bayou.  In Deadline, Caroline must use the clues her grandmother slips into her dreams to solve a mystery from over a century before.  Pressure from her fiancé to rush into nuptials, a forbidden desire for a friendly Cajun, and a series of freak accidents plague her.  When Caroline finally embraces the possibility she's being haunted by a ghost, what she learns directly affects her current day life in ways she never imagined.  

    Lifeline, book two in the Bayou Secrets Saga, will be ready for release in 2014.