eBook Services

With the plethora of sites available for selling eBooks these days, more and more authors are opting to sell their own work online and bypassing traditional publishing houses. Some authors are even walking away from major money contracts when they realize their ability to regain control and profits by doing this themselves. In addition, as rights of previously published works are reverting to them, many authors are using this opportunity to upload their backlist online to sell for themselves.

While there are unlimited possiblities out there in the e-publishing world, there is work that has to be done. DRE&MS is here to help you with this as well. Whether you want to sell previously published work or brand new material, DRE&MS can help you maneuver the necessary steps to get you started earning money.

We at DRE&MS will take your finished work and do the rest. And the best part is, all the royalties are yours. And you can select how much - or how little - you want us to do for you. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Editing your work (see our Editing Services tab)
  • Converting your work to the formats needed for online publishing
  • Cover Design by our in-house Designer
  • Bookscanning and OCR for previously published books
  • Uploading your work to all the sites you choose to sell your books
  • Assistance setting price for best results
  • And more...