About Us

Deborah Richardson Editorial & Marketing Services is here to take on the myriad of tasks that bog you down and rob you of the time to just let your creative juices flow.

We are here from the minute your book is written, ready to help with any level of editing – from simple proofreading to copy-editing all the way to developmental editing. We want to help you present your work in the best light possible. 

If your choice is to self publish or upload your work as an e-book, we can help there, too. We can format your work for easy upload on the many different venues available. We can get advance copies of your work out to appropriate sources for advance quotes and reviews. We will assist you on pricing your work to sell and help track your sales. 

Once you're selling, we’ll show you how to market your work using the many avenues available today with Social Media Marketing, and if it makes things easier for you, we are able to administrate your Social Media sites for you.

Looking for a more personal touch? There is so much more that we are able to do to make your life easier. Need help with planning for Conferences and Book Tours? Let DRE&MS make your travel arrangements and help schedule your days. Stuck on a difficult piece of research you need? Let us search it out for you. Need flyers or postcards or bookmarks for handouts? Let us take care of it. Need a website that represents you and your work in a way that will truly help grow your business? We've got that covered too.

There is virtually no limit to what DRE&MS can do for you. You decide what keeps you from your work and we’ll see what we can do.

Well, we don’t do housecleaning.